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May 15, 2018 1 min read

The Nychair X was designed in 1970 by Japanese designer Takeshi Nii. We have loved it since we first encountered one years ago in a friend's home, and it has been a perennial best-seller at Placewares since we introduced it in 2016.

The Nychair X at The Hines House by William Turnbull, Jr. at The Sea Ranch

A recipient of the Japan Interior Architects / Designers' Association Award in 1970, it also won the National Special Award for Innovation in 1982, the Good Design Award in 1986, and the Long Life Design Award in 1997. 

Why so many awards? You need only sit in one to understand its appeal. The chair perfectly supports your weight, giving the experience of sitting in it a warm, enveloping quality.

It is also perfect for today's lifestyles as it fits into a floor space the size of a dinner table and can be collapsed and stored when not in use. It's lightweigh nature means you can carry it easily from room-to-room, or from indoors to outdoors. 

The Nychair X folded for storage

The seats are removable for easy cleaning and are made from high-quality Kurashiki sailloth. The sailcloth used has been made in the same Japanese factory since 1888. We frequently sell replacement covers to our customers, many of whom are only having to replace the covers after decades of use (some dating back to the early '70's!). 

Order yours here:

Nychair X Rocker


Nychair X


Nychair X Ottoman



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