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Designed in 1948. Setting the Standard Since

The mouth-blown Aarne line originally helped set the trend for essential glassware in the 1950s. Glass designer and decorative artist Göran Hongell was one of the pioneers of the Finnish glass tradition. With his mouth-blown glassware range Aarne, he won the gold medal in 1954 at the Triennale in Milan.

Designed by Goran Hongell

Goran Hongell was one of the pioneers of Finnish glass design. He first presented an early version of his mouthblown glassware in the 1930s, unaware that this work
would one day become his most famous creation. After refining his process and materials for decades, Hongell unveiled Aarne barware in 1954 at the Triennale in Milan and was honored with a gold medal.

Material: Lead-free crystal

Care: Handwash only