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9093 Kettle

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A Mix of European Art, American Pop, and Pre-Columbian Cultures

Michael Graves' best-selling kettle

The 9093 kettle, with a bird-shaped whistle, is one of the best-selling Alessi objects in the world. The design of this kettle, created by Michael Graves in 1985, mixes the influences taken from European Art, American Pop, and quotes from pre-Columbian cultures. Graves's unique visual language is the reason behind the extraordinary success that the kettle has had since the year of its production. It is a smart object, elegant, but at the same time playful and fun: when the water starts boiling, the bird sings, leading to an inevitable smile.

This celebrated kettle with the bird that sings when the water has boiled was a great success when it was introduced in 1985, and for Alessi it represented a meeting of great design and mass production methods, a combination that Michael Graves worked hard to achieve, applying his personal visual code which fused influences from Art Deco to Pop Art and even the language of cartoons.

Kettle in 18/10 stainless steel mirror polished with handle and small bird-shaped whistle in PA (multiple colors available). Magnetic steel bottom suitable for induction cooking.

Diameter: 8 ¾ in.
Height: 8 ¾ in.
Capacity: 2 qt 3 ¾ oz

Light Blue