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Handmade Mexican Cotton Plaid Mat, assorted colors

Size Guide

So Many Uses Around the Home

Our 100% cotton loom-made mat is a classic design that is still as graphically eye-pleasing and effortlessly practical as it was generations ago. 

Use these throughout your home: at the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, at an entry door.  Just be sure to put a non-skid pad underneath it when using it on a hard floor.

Handmade in Mexico.

Size: 61 x 23.6 in (155 x 60 cm)

Care: Machine wash cold. Air dry recommended. Gentle heat if tumble dried.

Black & White
Turquoise, Black & White
Oxblood, Black & White
Purple, Black & White
Brown, Black & White
Sage Green, Black & White
Sky Blue, Black & White
Pink, Black & White
Magenta, Black & White