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Bellocq Tea Atelier, like many things at Placewares is a story with a dose of serendipity. We first tasted Bellocq teas in 2015, and we were so impressed that when we met Bellocq founders Heidi and Micheal in 2016 to place our first order we quickly discovered we had mutual, beloved friends. We worked together to create a customized collection for Placewares.

Heidi and Michael met while working at a well-known lifestyle brand. They traveled the world for work, and bought and shared tea along the way. Their habit became a ritual, and the ritual inspired Bellocq rooted in sourcing and blending the finest teas and botanicals. Single-estate teas are sold exclusively whole leaf, organic tea and herbal blends are still assembled by hand. Bellocq’s carefully selected, single-origin offerings originate from the finest estates in China, Japan, India, Nepal, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Malawi and are exclusively full leaf, almost entirely organic, and sourced from high elevation gardens.

Take a sip, and be transported.

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