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Brass Octopus Key Holder

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The perfect town & country key holder

The Octopus key holder is an original product by A&F Corporation, A&F is an outdoor tools specialist. The octopus has 6 legs - 6 key rings held by the circular rail. It has a handy one-touch button system that lets you quickly remove a ring. 

It's a genius solution for quickly keeping your various keys organized, and letting you easily take just the car key to drive or just the house key to go and walk the dogs. 

Akatsu Takao, an outdoor enthusiast, founded A&F in 1978. 
In 1973, he explored the United States as a backpacker and realized the necessity of great tools to survive. That trip to the great U.S. outdoors inspired A&F.

Material: Brass

Size: Rings, 1.5 cm; Base 2.5 cm

Care: Clean with soapy water and a soft cloth