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CADDIS is an anti-anti-aging brand that is having an open and frank conversation with you about how absolutely right on it is to be the age we are, right here and now. CADDIS is calling BS on 50 is the new 40, on the whole fountain of youth illusion, on the many industries that are profiting on vanity and fear of age, on the concept of “aging gracefully”, and on the notion of raging against the dying of the light. Now is what we got, and now is pretty awesome.

So a group of friends living in Northern California, Southern California, Brooklyn, Park City, and Salt Lake City decided that they would board this spaceship. They set up a warehouse in Salt Lake City because that seems to make more sense than setting up a warehouse in Manhattan or San Francisco and they began shipping readers in Dec. of 2017.

The bones, joints and mind have been around longer than we could have imagined, but here we all are. All the way alive. We believe that it is time to get real about who we are and where we are in life, and how being right here, right now is right on, in spite of the fact that the entire world seems hell-bent on marketing to our long-gone teen vanities or trying to scare us into an early grave.