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Handblown Water Kettle

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Chemex. Pure Design. Pure Flavor.

The perfect balance of form and function.

The CHEMEX® Carafe Kettle, the smart choice for boiling water, performs as beautifully as it looks. Made of heat-resistant glass, and scientifically designed, our elegant kettle shape and silicone tipped “steam stopper” allow steam out of the kettle while keeping the neck cool to the touch for easy handling. Also, the kettle’s non-porous glass imparts no flavors of its own, making it the perfect beverage server for your preferred drink.

The Handblown water kettle may be placed directly on a gas flame, glass top or ceramic top stove. For use on an electric stovetop please use our wire grid (TKG) to safely boil water.

Includes silicone rubber ball steam stopper.

Warning: Do not place the CHEMEX® Water Kettle directly on an electric coil stovetop. For use with an electric coil stovetop, we recommend using our CHEMEX® stainless steel wire grid (TKG) between the kettle and the coils to prevent breakage and personal harm

Material: Non-porous Borosilicate glass; silicone rubber

Dimensions: Capacity: 2 Quarts; Height: 10 inches; Diameter: 8 inches

Care: A carefully cleaned and handled CHEMEX® brewer will give you a lifetime of service. Remove the wooden handle and continue to hand wash with warm soap and water, or place the coffeemaker securely in the dishwasher.

Special Note

This item is experiencing delays in production due to the current pandemic. The estimated lead time is 3 weeks. All prepaid purchases will maintain an immediate spot in new supply queue.