8 Cup Pour Over Classic Chemex Coffeemaker

Size Guide

Chemex. Pure Design. Pure Flavor.

The Pour-Over Coffee Classic

CHEMEX® delivers the purest flavor experience

  • Made of non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues
  • CHEMEX pour-over allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor
  • Simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design

Use with our Natural Pre-Folded Bonded Squared Filters by Chemex and pair with our Ottomatic 2.0 Coffeemaker for the ultimate, easy to use pour-over experience. 

Includes a polished wood collar with leather tie.

The Eight Cup Classic Series Coffeemaker used together with the scientifically designed, patented CHEMEX® Bonded Filters, will guarantee that our pour-over brewing process will deliver the perfect cup of coffee, without any sediments or bitter elements.

Material: Non-porous Borosilicate glass

Size: Capacity: 40 Ounce; Height: 9 1/8 inches; Diameter: 5 inches

Care: A carefully cleaned and handled CHEMEX® brewer will give you a lifetime of service. Remove the wooden handle and continue to hand wash with warm soap and water, or place the coffeemaker securely in the dishwasher.