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Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor are North Coast craftsmen who went from building furniture and wood boats to making fine chocolate. As they say, the time and care required for fitting a mortice or shaping a plank is not unlike the process of hand-crafting chocolate from the bean.

For their craft chocolate, the most hands-on approach they could take was to start with the raw cacao. Dick Taylor sources the finest fairly-traded cacao, and they perform all steps in-house to turn raw ingredients into delicious chocolate, all in their small factory in Eureka, California. 

This entire process takes approximately three weeks to complete, and allows Dick Taylor to make some of the finest chocolate possible. Made with organic cacao and organic cane sugar. No cut corners or shortcuts. No vanilla, additional cocoa butter or other emulsifiers, in hopes of capturing and highlighting the subtle flavor nuances in the cacao they source from around the world. 


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