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Old Growth, by Duncan Oja, explores the uniqueness of the artist's vision encompassing his multiple axes of interest in art, old craft, and everyday objects.

Duncan is a woodworker and photographer based in San Francisco. While he academically trained in photography, he also trained in traditional furniture making while living in upstate New York, and after moving back home to his native California began working at a small lumber mill.

Duncan Oja: Old Growth - Craftsman and Photographer

This show explores the axes of Duncan's vision. Wood and paper. Artistic design, raw material, and functional form. The conflicting sides of woodworking: rough/raw, refined/machined, heavy/airy, round/square, traditional/experimental, black/white.

Furniture & Objects

Duncan's work combines classic American furniture traditions with modern, experimental design. He draws inspiration from different stages of the process itself: natural organic forms, found textures, tool marks, and byproducts of the production process.

Duncan Oja: Old Growth - Furniture and Objects - Rough-Sawn Bench - Charred Oak

Duncan Oja: Old Growth - Furniture and Objects -  Rollings Pins - Oxidized Maple


Duncan's photographs often explore strange structures and forms found in the landscape. His Old Growth photography series focuses on snags, standing tree trunks left behind in suburban lawns. The trees are long gone, cut up and carried off. The pillars left behind feel empty and missing, but also take on a strange and beautiful new presence as blank totems and monuments of absence.

Duncan Oja: Old Growth - Photography

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