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Chile Crunch

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Crunchy, smoky and infused with just the right amount of heat. Chili Crunch is made in small batches from a savory blend of roasted chiles, garlic, onion and spices. The perfect partner for steak, chicken, fish, eggs and roasted vegetables. Also great on everything from pizza and pasta to burgers and tacos...to even a plain cracker to be quite honest!

We have a hard time classifying Chile Crunch. Some people refer to it as a salsa, others as a tapenade, and still others as a condiment. The only thing we can all agree on is that it adds wonderful layers of flavors that compliment every meal. 

Chile Crunch is made from a savory blend of roasted chiles, garlic, onion, herbs, and spices that are sautéed in canola oil;  resulting in a crunchy burst of flavor. We use only natural ingredients and always prepared Chile Crunch in small batches to ensure quality.

Size: 9 oz / 255 g

Ingredients: Canola oil, garlic, onion, chiles, spices, salt

Care: Refrigerate after opening

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