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JIM ISERMANN @ PLACEWARES: PATTERNS & PRODUCTS is a collection of seven products and five patterns combined to create twenty three PATTERN & PRODUCT combinations.

The five patterns were chosen from thirty-plus drawings in the Jim Isermann @ Placewares: Patterns & Products fine art exhibit applied to materials from wood to ceramic to textiles. Patterns 1 through 4 were applied to a range of birch plywood products: small and medium rectangular trays, a large round tray that also converts into a side table with an optional black steel stand, and a four-legged stool that can also function as a side table. Pattern 5 was applied in three colorways to ceramics mugs where Jim considered the 'dead' printing space around the handle as an integral part of the pattern. A graphic lockup of Patterns 1 through 4 were applied in black only highlighting the origin of Jim's creative process, translating complex visualizations by hand into pencil drawings. 

Jim Isermann @ Placewares: Patterns & Products is Placewares' debut collection of products designed in collaboration with noted artists that will be an ongoing program exploring further opportunities to put well-designed objects in the path of our daily lives. 

Photo Credit: Palm Springs Life

Jim is Placewares family. Jim Isermann @ Placewares: Patterns & Produts is a personal exhibit and collaboration for us. Sixteen years ago we had the good fortune to become neighbors and friends with Jim in Palm Springs, CA over a mutual interest and advocation for historic modern architectural preservation. Jim's sixteen years of friendship with us and constant encouragement for us to lead creative lives has been not only influential, but also makes Jim's enthusiasm for being our first collaborator even more special. 

Thank you, Jim, from the bottom of our hearts.