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Charles Moore, one of The Sea Ranch's original MLTW architects, was known for designing colorful buildings around the world,  but his work at The Sea Ranch (in collaboration with his partners in MLTW) was primarily clad in redwood left to weather as a complement to the environment and to pay homage to barn and farm structures found on the ranch. The interiors however were polychromatic celebrations filled with even brighter objects, art and furnishings. 

In these abstract painting studies of Condominium 1 (1965), The Sea Ranch, Keith Wilson inverts the architecture process to reveal the potential for seeing the interior's color on the building's exterior. To the artist and to history, the Condominium 1 cluster represents one of the finest groupings of modern residential architecture and built forms in America. Condominium 1 was awarded the American Institute of Architects Twenty-Five Year Award in 1991, and was added to The National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

These archival digital prints are studies of pure architectural form and placement. They are printed in a limited edition of 48 on archival rag Somerset Paper, each signed and numbered by the artist.

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