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Swedish Tradition Since 1922

Korbo handwoven wire baskets are functional and timeless baskets with a history that dates back to the early 1920’s Sweden. Originally, Korbo baskets were used by fishermen and farmers or anyone who needed reliable carrying and storage that could withstand weather, wind, wear and tear. Today, the design, vision, and craftsmanship originally behind the baskets is still as relevant as then.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Behind every basket lies tradition and skilled craftsmanship. Korbo's baskets are carefully woven by hand by proud and experienced craftsmen. It takes years to fully master the craft. Being completely handwoven, no baskets are identical to one another.

Korbo Skilled Craftsmanship

All baskets are individually signed by the craftsman who wove the baskets.

Woven with a Single Wire

The manufacturing of Korbo wire baskets began in 1922 in Furufjäll, Sweden. Ever since then, the baskets have been woven by hand using the exact same technique.

Korbo Single-Wire Construction

Korob's unique design, a single handwoven wire completely without weldings, is the reason why Korbo baskets are so durable. There are simply no parts of the basket that can fall apart.


Korbo baskets are available in four different materials. In addition to the original materials, galvanized steel, and acid-proof stainless steel, some baskets are now made in copper and brass.

Korbo Wire Materials

Acid proof stainless steel has a great resistance to corrosion and can be used in maritime climates. The steel gains its properties through the addition of various alloys and precious metals like chrome, nickel, and molybdenum. The baskets in acid-proof stainless steel have a surface that will remain shiny regardless of environmental exposure.

Galvanization is a process used to prevent corrosion of the steel by adding a physical barrier of zinc to the surface. Galvanized steel has effectively been used for more than 150 years and the wire will obtain a beautiful matte patina over time.

The baskets in copper and brass are woven by solid copper and brass wire. Over time a natural tarnish will develop on the surface of the wire giving it a beautiful patina.