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A Design Line by Stefan Beckman

Lateral Objects is a design lab from Stefan Beckman Studio. Their vision is to create unique products across a broad range of mediums. 

Inspired by California

Placewares fell hard and fast for Stefan's first collection of beach towels inspired by the bold pop colors of California's 1960s art scene and the supergraphics movement of the 1970s. It was an honest crush given Placewares' connections to The Sea Ranch, CA and our gallery collaboration with groundbreaking artist and designer Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, credited with creating supergraphics at The Sea Ranch in 1965.

​Lateral Objects collection of beach towels are vibrant, optimistic, high-quality towels woven in the north of Portugal near Porto with large, saturated color fields that will envelop you. 

Lateral Objects Collection at Placewares