Rhubarb Earl Grey Spreadable Fruit

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A Maine Summer Favorite

We Cannot Get Enough of These: Low Sugar, Fruit-Forward

We stumbled upon Turtle Rock Farm's products during our annual summertime in Maine. They are a staple every year there and in our California home as well. It is so rare these days to find something so high quality, so simple and so tasty.

The Rhubarb Earl Grey Spreadable Fruit is made with rhubarb, bergamot and black tea with a spoonful of sugar.
IMG_2255 (1).jpgTurtle Rock Farm grows organic vegetables and minimally processes locally grown fruits and vegetables at peak season.  They provide local, nutritious food preserved for year-round consumption. 

Their philosophy is simple: to preserve the harvest of Maine’s short, but bountiful season for year-round consumption.  They grow and minimally process under NOP Organic standards.

Size: 9 oz.

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