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Mud Australia

Cheese Platter

Size Guide

The cheese platter is great for the entertainer. Its generous size holds plenty of cheese, antipasto or dessert. Pair it with our Mud Australia smaller bowls like Flared Bowl Small, Dipping Bowl or Pebble Bowl Small.

Material - Limoges porcelain

Dimensions 17.7 x 1.2 in/45 x 3 cm

Care - With some care, can be safely used in the oven, microwave, and dishwashers. When stacking in dishwasher be careful to avoid overstacking. Sudden changes in temperature (eg.from freezer to oven ~ from oven to cold bench) is likely to cause thermal shock, which will damage your porcelain. Always place very hot items onto either wood or cloth. To avoid glaze scratches ideally your mud porcelain will be stored in plate racks or with linen/felt between each item.


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