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Nanny Rocking Chair

Size Guide

Femininity, Fluidity & Movement

A chair without legs

Nanna Ditzel briefly studied under the leading Danish furniture designer Kaare Klint at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts furniture school, and that experience informed the Nanny Rocking Chair. Designed in 1969, this innovative piece is among the first to reflect the concept of a chair without legs, and its signature curves evoke femininity, fluidity, and movement.

Our Icons collection revitalizes iconic pieces of furniture from some of Europe's most important architects and designers. 

Nanna Ditzel

In 1946, at the astonishingly young age of 23, Nanna Ditzel graduated from the prestigious Design School of Copenhagen with a degree in furniture design. Her prior background as a cabinet maker provided her with a basic understanding of the elemental pillars of design, from the fundamental processes of its handcraft to the use of natural materials. Ditzel took it a step further and developed her own identity and style. Her designs were both experimental and innovative, so much so that several of her designs were rediscovered decades later. A timeless example of her forward-thinking design aesthetic is the Rana chair, honored with the 2013 Interior Innovation Award in Cologne. Ditzel rebuffed traditional design concepts and managed to successfully build her own, unique style consisting of organic, soft, and feminine lines.


  • Height (cm) 100
  • Width (cm) 60
  • Depth (cm) 94
  • Seat Height (cm) 35
  • Height (inches) 39.4
  • Width (inches) 23.6
  • Depth (inches) 37
  • Seat Height (inches) 13.8
  • Use: Indoor
  • Care: Wash with water mixed with mild soap and remove stains with a sponge or medium brush


Natural Rattan

Rattan is a sustainably-grown material that is strong, lightweight, flexible, and durable. Rattan is a climbing plant that grows in the Indonesian rainforest without disturbing the existing structure and balance in the rainforest.