Nellie King Solomon, Ochi Projects Catalog

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This is the exhibit catalog to Ochi Projects' solo exhibition featuring work by San Francisco-based artist Nellie King Solomon. 

Grand in scale, physically restless and unapologetically bold, Solomon’s new body of work SkyFuel employs the artist’s signature use of novel materials (mylar, soda ash, and this time “skyfuel”) as well as an unconventional color palette. Solomon’s paintings appear to be highly controlled, the shapes meticulously rendered, but they also take on the appearance of the accidental, as though Solomon simply allowed the paint to succumb to gravity in the tradition of gestural abstraction.  Although static, the dynamic materiality of the paintings catches and reflects light and shadow. Vivid color and thick, opaque paint offers the sense of weight, only to be juxtaposed with transparent, bare mylar that feels quite immaterial.