POP bubbles

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May all your troubles be bubbles!

Pop Bubbles is the fun of bubble-blowing and the delight of a tiny sculpture—all in one. The Rainbow Stripes Edition is the first design in a series of optical motifs. Designed by artist Daniele Frazier, this classic toy includes the soap and wand inside a transparent tube featuring a proprietary design that creates a surprising optical effect. In profile, the bottle appears to be decorated simply with black stripes. With the slightest tilt, a rainbow of color appears inside the bottle—as if by magic. May all your troubles be bubbles!

Pustefix bubble liquid is non-toxic, bio-degradable and never expires. Putsefix makes the world's highest quality bubbles. Believe us that you will experience the difference!

Rainbow Stripes Edition

H: 100mm (3.9 in)
Diameter: 33mm (1.3 in)
42 ml
Caps: assorted red, green, yellow
Made in Germany