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A Small Knife Family with Warmth

Handmade in Japan. Gold-plated



After a fun meal around the table, it's a peaceful time to cut cheese, fruit, and bread while talking and telling stories. Pomme has created a small family of knives that fit perfectly into these lively, social, and intimate moments. 

Just as the hand-painted antique tableware and the texture of the old tools used to make them are wonderful, Pomme's knives want to feel the warmth of human hands. One by one by hand each was engraved with, smoked, and finished.

Please enjoy the different finish expressions created in this handmade process.
The blade is made of sharp material and has a pure gold-plated finish for smoldering.


The Pomme family is comprised of three knives:

Bread Knife

Dual blade design to seamlessly cut both hard and soft bread.

Petty Knife

All-purpose, sharp prep knife perfect for cutting fruits and other foods.

Cheese Knife

A refined stainless steel blade perfect for hard and soft cheeses with a sharp, pointed end handy for picking up and serving cut cheese.


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