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The Good Dog and The Bad Cat Book

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Title: The Good Dog & The Bad Cat 

Author(s): Written by Todd Kessler, Illustrated by Jennifer Gray Olson

Publisher: Coral Stone Press, 2016. 

“The mantra among today’s major publishers is that picture books should be no more than 500-700 words. Why do content providers have such a persistently low expectation of young children?  Have they forgotten their own childhoods, when they loved longer books such as Dr. Seuss’ The Loraxand Horton Hears a Who (both, like The Good Dog, more than 2,000 words)?”  —Todd Kessler, author, from his USA TodayOp-Ed entitled Parents, Don't Buy Myth of Short Attention Span
"This long-form picture book offers a lengthier story to youngsters who might not be ready for chapter books. Though over 100 pages, water-color illustrations cover each one and keep the story moving. The result is a sweet account of friendship and adventure that will please kids for whom one picture book is never enough." - Booklist
"It's the stories that matter . . . [kids] want to think, they want to expand their mind, they want to understand the world around them. They do that through character and story . . . In [The Good Dog and the Bad Cat], there’s a question of:  are your first impressions of somebody else right or wrong and if someone does something bad to you, is that the end of that person? Or can things change?  They are open-ended questions, because I always want to press kids to think for themselves.”  —Todd Kessler, author, from his interview with Casual Muse entitled Kids Don’t Have a Short Attention Span



A mysterious thief is stealing from the Lee family household and bakery and it’s up to little puppy Tako to catch the culprit. Tako succeeds in exposing Allie, a feisty cat, but when she gets thrown out of the house, Tako begins to have second thoughts about the consequences of his actions. Is Allie the cat irredeemably “bad” or is there more to her motivation than meets the eye? Tako may be the only one who can uncover the truth, but to do so he’ll have to fight the vicious river rats and ultimately come to terms with his own preconceptions.

Hardcover. 112 pages. Age Range: 5-7 Years. 8.6" x 9.3".