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The Revolutionary Unisex Shirt that Is a Uniform for the Creative.

Jokapoika - the Every (Body) unisex shirt - is as revolutionary today as it was in 1956. 

"The classic Jokapoika shirt has been in continuousproduction since 1956. It was an immediate hit among architects and other creative professionals. Since its creation, people have worn it proudly while finishing off bottles of red wine, planning revolutions, writing magazine articles and typing into the night on secret novels. Today, the iconic shirt is used by everyone - just like the Finnish name, Every Boy, suggests. Theshirt has beenspotted n city streets and in rural bars, on common folk and celebrities, on men and women of all looks and sizes."

- In Patterns - Marimekko 

Try one on, and our bet is you start your own Jokapoika collection.