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Belleville Chair Wood

Size Guide

Unexpected Comfort

The Belleville Chair consists of two main components – a seat shell and a slender black structural frame made of plastic, with or without armrests. The seat shell, which tapers from a wide seat to a narrow backrest, lends the Belleville Chair a distinctive identity: the molded plywood veneer shell gives it the appearance of a wooden chair.

Sleek and linear shape

Although the cantilever chair has been a success story for over eighty years, .05 is the first model whose uncompromising form and flexible comfort surpass the archetypal chair without back legs designed by Mart Stam in 1926.

The sleek, linear shape of .05 is its aesthetic hallmark, while its construction provides for a comfortable seat. Made of resilient polyurethane integral foam, the shell adapts to the body. When you lean back, the upper part of the backrest yields slightly – a pleasant sensation created by the integrated leaf springs. Together with the typical flexing effect of the cantilever base, this makes .05 surprisingly comfortable – a quality that is fully appreciated only through use.

Indoor and outdoor

The cantilever base of .05 is made of stainless steel, making the chair suitable for outdoor use as well. The .05 chair is also available in a stacking version.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2015

Belleville is the name of the vibrant Paris neighborhood where the designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have their studios. Visual references for the Belleville Chair can be found in the classic French bistro furnishings and lively atmosphere of this Parisian quarter. The chair's familiar shape - even in a contemporary context - might at first be taken for granted, yet it also evokes a sense of mystery and bemusement, since the materiality, construction, and fabrication of the chair only become apparent at second glance.

Paired with the Belleville Tables the Belleville Chair and Armchair form a unified yet diverse group - a hybrid family of furnishings whose forms and materials are harmoniously coordinated. Thus the chairs and tables - in small or large numbers - can be attractively combined in bustling bistro settings as well as sleekly modern galleries or diversely styled home environments.

The Belleville chairs and armchairs with a plastic shell are also suited for use in outdoor areas.


Belleville Chair

Belleville Chair


Belleville Armchair 

Belleville Armchair

Belleville Chair stacked

Belleville Chair stacked

Belleville Armchair stacked

Belleville Armchair stacked



Seat shell

Molded plywood, protective natural lacquer finish.

Base and frame

Injection-molded polyamide. Stackable up to 5 high.