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Japanese notebooks, multiple sizes

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Transcending through the hands of many students, writers and artists, the Tsubame notebook is the classic note pad which originated from Japan since the 1940s. The notebook's cover has retained its artistic design from the time it was manufactured, and reflects its timelessness throughout the years. 

The binding of the notebook is hand-stitched; therefore, it is far more durable than a standard notebook. The Tsubame note is most notorious for the neutral fools paper - a paper of superior quality with a smooth surface for the pen to glide on as the ink doesn't blot or show through the sheet. 

Tsubame is an ideal notebook for anyone on the go. 

Size: Small (A5) - 8 ¼" x 5 8/9"; Large (B5) - 9 8/9" x 7"; 30 sheets