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COVID-19 Fulfillment Impacts

Working Hard to Keep Your Experience the Best

We appreciate your patience as a number of our small makers and warehouses have been affected by country and state regulations due to COVID-19. Placewares is currently fulfilling and shipping orders once weekly as a result of pandemic-related supply chain slowdowns.

Thank you very much for supporting our small business! Be safe. Be well.


Product Fulfillment Updates:

  • Hasami Porcelain - Due to production delays and port issues in Japan, a number of pieces are on backorder until September.
  • Made in Japan - Miscellaneous Small Makers - Experiencing fulfillment delays, approximately 2-4 weeks.
  • Chemex - Due to closures and production slowdowns, as well as worldwide material shortages, the lead time for the Ottomatic Coffeemakers is up to 8 weeks.
  • NychairX Replacement Covers - All variants are on backorder. The shipping estimate for white covers is late September through the end of October 2021. 
  • Man Ray Chess Board & Pieces - Due to high demand and production delays, these items are on backorder until the beginning of August.
  • Opinel - Due to COVID government restricitions, French production has experienced slowdowns and some items are on short backorders.