Keith Wilson

Keith's primary interest is to create "Pure Paintings" which develop from a directed focus and response to the support, pigments and tools. Keith attempts to create paintings that are narrative neutral, self contained and free from reference to commercial, social or manufactured influences: embedded with an aura or a mnemonic coding.

Keith graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA Environmental Design (minor in etching) (1976) and a Master Degree in Architecture (1979), maintained an architectural practice until 2001, and has active painted from graduation to the present.

Since 2010 the scale of Keith's work has evolved, and the medium has changed from watercolor/sumi ink to oil on linen. Keith lives and maintains a studio in San Rafael and at The Sea Ranch on the Sonoma Coast, where he is a Placewares' beloved neighbor. 

Keith Wilson | The Building Plan Artistically Considered, September 3 - November 20, 2016