Birds by Toikka - Summer grouse

IIT 1007214

Oiva Toikka 1972

 Professor Oiva Toikka is one of the greatest names in Finnish design. His iconic collection of Iittala Birds by Toikka first took flight back in 1972 with the creation of the small Flycatchers. Today Iittala Birds by Toikka can be found in the homes of collectors all over the world who enjoy them as simple reminders of the poetry of everyday life.

Drawing from nature and his passion for art glass, Toikka has created more than 400 birds over the last forty years. Iittala Birds by Toikka are all individually mouth-blown, making each one as unique as those who Professor Oiva Toikka’s Birds embody. Iittala’s commitment to craftsmanship and imagination, deviating from the streamlined
aesthetic of Scandinavian design in imaginative, rich and bold ways. Each design incorporates new color combinations and techniques for one-of-a-kind beauty that is collected by people of refined taste worldwide. collect them. These lovely little creatures are treasured objects of art that are sure bring joy to any house, office or space they call home. 

Handwash only

6 x 4.5" / 150 x 110 mm

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