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Long Point Pencil Sharpener - multiple colors


BKW 103315

What good is a pencil without its point? The Blackwing Long Point Pencil Sharpener creates the perfect point using a two-step sharpening process, first sharpening the wood and then precision sharpening the graphite core to a long, fine point. Every sharpener comes with two replacement blades and an automatic brake that prevents over-sharpening.

California Cedar Products Company, the world's leading supplier of wooden pencil slats is based in Stockton, CA. Their history in excellence is 6 generations long. Their most famous product are the Palomino Blacking pencils

Replaceable erasers extend the life of your pencils, and a special German sharpener rounds out the Blackwing assortment.

Weight: .0625 lb

Dimensions: 2.75 x 1.06 x 1.4 in

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