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Cheese Vault

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A Friend Gave Us a Cheese Vault as a Host Gift. We're Constantly Amazed How It Keeps Fine Cheeses So Long

The Cheese Vault is a simple and reusable way to store your artisan cheese. Cheese experts agree that the worst possible way to store your cheese is the way we all do it – by wrapping it in plastic wrap. Cheese needs to “breathe” and eliminate excess moisture to maintain its flavor and delay molding just like in a cheese cave. Until now, the only recommended solution for proper cheese storage was to use disposable wrappers or bags.

Oprah Magazine    The Boston Globe


"The Cheese Vault is the ultimate home cheese storage unit – I store my cheese in it instead of using plastic wrap" Lynn Giacomini Stray, Owner, Point Reyes Farmstead, Point Reyes, CA

"Treasure Chest - Your leftover Manchego deserves a happier fate than turning moldy in plastic wrap" Oprah Magazine, December 2016

Features and Benefits

  • Made of food-grade silicone that imparts no flavors 
  • The base is designed to wick away excess moisture thereby delaying mold
  • Top is designed so any moisture that might collect on the interior lid is directed away from the cheese
  • The divider can be used to separate two smaller pieces of cheese, keeping each piece fresh and tasty without mingling flavors
  • The two ends are polished so the name and date can be written with a ballpoint pen for easy identification then erased and reused
  • Smells from the fridge do not impact the cheese inside, nor do the cheese aromas take over the fridge
  • Recommended for firmer cheese

How to Use (It couldn't be simpler)

  • Always start with a clean Cheese Vault
  • Simply place your cheese in the Cheese Vault, cover and refrigerate
  • If storing two small pieces, insert the included divider into one of the three slots depending on size of cheese
  • If desired, identify the name of the cheese and date stored on the shiny end of the Cheese Vault, wipe off for reuse
  • Put the lid on top and store in the refrigerator

Size: 6 x 4 x 3.5

Care: Hand wash with hot, soapy water when finished use