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Ferro & Fuoco Black Steel Wall Mount Bar

Size Guide

This wall mount bar is made to hang Conmoto's set of 3-piece, hand-forged Fireplace Set. It is made from recycled Italian railroad track. 

The Ferro & Fuoco line of hand forged fire tools comes from a labor of love.  Designer Marco Ferreri (Italian, born 1958), tells of a walk in a beautiful valley in Italy.  He came upon a small village where the whole community operated a five hundred year old water–powered hammer run to cut and refashion old pieces of railroad track to make shovels and hoes for the village.  Marco Ferreri was so inspired by the devotion and determination of the aging blacksmiths and the life stories told through the unique implements they made that he designed these unique fire tools which could be created by the same blacksmiths using hand forged recycled track and the old water wheel.   

  • Size: 11.8 in w x 3.5 in h x 3.5 d
  • Materials: Recycled Steel.
  • Optional: Fireplace Set (sold separately)