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Flamingo Ornament

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This spotty seal spends his days sunning on ice floats in the Arctic. He loves to slide down the ice into the water and play tag with his friends. Such a fast swimmer! This little guy is perfect for little hands to play with and looks great on a

Our flamingos soar above the Serengeti plains, past the Ngorongoro Crater to watch the great migration’s parade of color and beast. With her stilt legs and graceful ways – she is also known to flaunt her feathers on the sunny beaches and waterways of the world. She’s a classic keep – and a great way to send a friend a candy pink kiss and wink. Hello pretty lady!

  • All details and stitching are hand-embroidered.
  • Made from sustainably harvested, locally-sourced merino-blended wool.
  • Fair Trade certified and made with love.
  • H:5"/12.5cm W:4.5"/11.5cm

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