Flip double-sided draining board

JOS 85013

Double-sided draining board

 This clever, reversible draining board is perfect for drying your dishes practically anywhere with sloping ribbed sides and allows you to create additional draining space when required.

Both sides of Flip™ draining board have sloping ribs that prevent water being trapped in the mouths of upturned cups and bowls.

On one side an integrated spout allows water to be drained directly into the sink, but when the board is flipped the excess water is captured, trapping it at the opposite end for pouring away later.

Non-slip feet on both sides keep the board firmly in place on the work surface.

Perfect for caravanning or camping holidays as well as providing extra drying space when you’ve got lots of dishes at home.

Dimensions: 39 ½ x 37 ½ x 3 cm / 14 ¾ x 14 ¾ x 1 ¼ inches

Dishwasher safe.

2 year guarantee.

Discontinued product. Supply limited.


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