Fold-flat Grater Plus

JOS 20025


4-in-1 folding grater


This handy food grater comes with four different styles of blade for all types of grating in one and a unique design that folds flat for space-saving storage.

Each side of the grater has a different etched, stainless steel blade allowing you to grate or slice a variety of foods with ease. Handles at the top let you hold the grater safely whilst grating. 

 To use simply unclip the locking catch and push the opposite corners of the unit together to form a conventional box grater. Lock into position with the catch. After use, simply flatten and lock again for easy storage. 

The design comes with its own protective sheath for added blade (and finger) protection.

Blade styles: Coarse for cheese and vegetables; Fine for Parmesan, nutmeg, garlic and citrus zest; Ribbon for chocolate and soft cheese; Slicer for cucumber, potatoes and other vegetables.

Food safe.

2 year guarantee.


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