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For the Love of Quince! Spreadable Membrillo Jam

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Membrillo for Cheese and Toast and...Tarts, and Well, So Many Things

Membrillo is a traditional quince treat that is typically served with salty cheese and fresh bread. Happy Girl Kitchen does a classic Membrillo that is traditionally sliced and wrapped, yet they decided to also make a versatile, spreadable Membrillo for all of you jam lovers out there. In Placewares' kitchen, we love this Membrillo jam for its versatility not only on a cheese board or atop toast, but also in a tart or a dollop atop vanilla ice cream. 

There is a surprising flavor profile in this recipe - far more complex than you would expect from quince. It's a favorite in both Happy Girl Kitchen's and Placewares' kitchen.  We suspect you'll love it once you give it a try!

Ingredients: quince,* organic cane sugar,* spices.

*certified organic

Size: 4 oz.

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