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Hinoki Shampoo

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We Take Our Hinoki Seriously

For years we've used Hinoki products at Hines House, our home at The Sea Ranch from candles to shampoo and conditioner.The Hinoki tree, a type of cypress evergreen, is one of the most prized trees in Japan, having been used for centuries in Japanese palaces, temples and shrines. Its wood has a soothing lemon-like scent that has been found to be relaxing, rejuvenating and spirit renewing.

Stimulating & Cleansing Natural Japanese Evergreen

Inspired by the pinons and junipers surrounding the Ten Thousand Waves Spa in the mountains above Santa Fe, the spirit-renewing scent of Hinoki rejuvenates and relaxes. This gentle, cleansing shampoo is enhanced with natural oils & herb extracts to clean and pamper your hair. Wet hair, wash, rinse.   

Does not contain mineral oil, alcohol, artificial colors or animal products. Not tested on animals.

12 fl. oz.