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HS (Hard Strong), 8.8 oz. glass

Hard Strong

SAI 300585

The HS Blue 7 oz. glass offers a safety-friendly tempered glass rim. This modular glass is stackable helping maximize use of your precious cabinet space.

The HS brand has been synonymous with safety and durability for over 40 years. It is revered as a most reliable Japanese glassware. Here are some of the reasons why the HS brand has earned its long time success.

HS means safety: HS toughening treatment is applied only to the top portion of the glass. By limiting the treatment area it reduces the chance of abrupt shattering when breakage occurs compared to full surface treated glass.

HS means durability and value: HS offers two treatment options: Physical Toughening and Ion Toughening. Both options provide superb durability which means prolonged service life and is perfect for the fast operation cycles at the foodservice industry.

Dishwasher Safe: HS glassware is designed to be both commercial and residential dishwasher safe.

More than 45 years of excellence: HS made its debut by TSG in 1967 as Japan's first toughened glass drinkware brand. 

Maker - Toyo-Sasaki

Dimensions - 7oz/200ml


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