Indian Curry Chili Paste


Entube has designed this spicy paste to be the modern, quintessential go-to curry flavor. Packed with rich superfoods like Acerola Berry and Turmeric, it’s a veritable health tonic! 

The subtle complexity of flavors will ignite every taste bud in yourmouth and kick start your culinary journey.

Start the Curry Entube experience by squeezing a little on a teaspoon and savoring the taste. Feel the flavors build and travel - this curry paste has unlimited potential!

Our products are made with the best all natural ingredients, fully vegetarian, Kosher, completely free of any sugar or preservatives and are GMO free. Designed in Los Angeles, California and made in Montreal, Canada.

Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients they are vegan, paleo, non-GMO, with no added sugar, synthetic preservatives or coloring of any kind. Both tube and packaging are 100% recyclable.

Size: 3.5 oz / 100 g

Ingredients: Cumin, Turmeric, Sunflower oil, Fennel. Onion, Sea salt, Garlic, Coriander, Fenugreek, Acerola Berry, Cayenne. Ginger and Spices.

How do you use Curry Chili paste?

  1. As a finishing Condiment. Dynamite on a cracker with a slice of cheddar cheese.
  2. A roasted vegetable Topping. Slather on top of simple boiled potatoes for a five star dish.
  3. A mustard condiment Alternative. Use in place of mustard as a side for a great steak, rack of ribs or lamb chops.
  4. As an Ingredient.  Mix with hummus or yogurt for a piquant dip. Add a teaspoon to a mustard citrus salad dressing for a hint of the Orient. Build the perfect curry sauce for a seafood pasta.
  5. An egg Seasoning. Stir into melted butter before you scramble, fry or coddle your eggs.
  6. As a Glaze. Toss Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or other root vegetables in olive oil mixed with Curry Entube and roast. Or brush the same olive oil/Curry Entube glaze over chicken or shrimp before grilling.
  7. As a Marinade. Whisk up the Curry Entube with some fresh garlic and white wine, submerge a fillet of white fish or some drumsticks for an hour and bake. Fabulous on lamp kebobs too!

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