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Japanese Gold-Plated Petty Knife

Size Guide

Designed to Elevate Sharing a Meal

Handmade in Japan


A knife that is not too big and is just the right size to use on a table. Ideal for fine work such as peeling vegetables and fruits and cutting. The handle is shaped like a steak knife, so it fits comfortably in your hand.

The blade is made of sharp steel and has a pure gold-plated finish. Each one is made by hand. The texture is different one by one. No two are identically alike.

Material: High carbon molybdenum vanadium steel AUS8 & low carbon martensitic SUS1A-1. Gold plated (24KGP pure gold plating)

Size: 5 ¾" blade

Care:  Hand wash with a sponge, wipe off any moisture, and store in a dry place. Do not use in a dishwasher.