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Japanese Kutami Uchiwa Fan

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Stay Cool with Natural Style

Japanese Uchiwa fans date back to the 16th century

When the going gets hot, grab a fan. Our traditional Japanese fan will help activate a cooling breeze for yourself on a hot day.

Uchiwa is a traditional Japanese fan. They are part of Japanese seasonal traditions and are often given as gifts during these times.

Our Uchiwa fan is a Kutami-style (welcome) fan made with traditionally with washi paper. The uchiwa is coated with persimmon tannin that makes the Japanese traditional paper (washi) strong and long-lasting, while also helping to insect-proof it. 

The fan's maker is the only workshop that inherits the tradition of Kutami City, a city that was counted as one of the three greatest production areas of uchiwa in Japan, other than Kyoto and Marugame City.

Material: Bamboo, washi paper, persimmon tannin.

Size: 14 in long/250x370x1mm.