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Jokapoika Unisex Shirt


MM 039048-700

Orange/Pale Blue

In Style. Always. Every generation thinks this shirt is modern and new. The truth is, it's been around the block. Created in 1956, Jokapoika has the honor of being the oldest Marimekko shirt that is still being produced. Some things just can’t go out of fashion. It's a classic Finnish farmer's shirt with silver buttons that come to life with vivid striped brushstrokes. It features the classic Picollo pattern created by Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi in 1953. Great for work, a night out, or wherever life takes you.

Sizes: S-XXL

Wash & Care: Machine wash warm at 140F/60C. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Iron on high heat. Dry clean.

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