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Kaari Wall Shelf Round

Size Guide

A Floating Console

Use it as an entry console, bar, desk, serving counter, or nightstand

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2015

This whimsical round shelf can serve as a bedside table, a dropping-off spot in an entrance area, or a platform to highlight a precious object. The shelf comprises a round panel, a vertical wall bracket, and the distinctive steel band common to the Kaari collection. The panel has a linoleum finish, while the wall bracket is made of oak. Offering diagonal support, the steel band, juxtaposed with the vertical and horizontal elements, creates a fluid, linear silhouette that enhances the curves of the round panel.

Available in a variety of finishes that match the Kaari collection

Ideal for storing precious objects

Wall brackets: Solid oak

Braces: Flat-rolled steel

Shelf surface:  Linoleum

Shelf edge-band: ABS

Made in Italy and Poland.

The round Kaari Wall Shelf is available with both dark and light mounts and different coloured surface finishes

Black Shelf -Shelf: linoleum, black Shelf edge-band: ABS, black
Blue Shelf -Shelf: linoleum, blue Shelf edge-band: ABS, red high-gloss
Red Shelf - Shelf: linoleum, red Shelf edge-band: ABS, black