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Square Leather Felt Coaster Holder

Size Guide

Sculpted vegetable-tanned leather creates a timeless catch-all perfect for home or office. 

Designed to fit Bierfilzl Coasters and available in square or round shape.

Also moonlights as a multitalented organizer perfect for jewelry, small office supplies, and other diminutive treasures.

Vegetable-tanned leather trim (Grade A)

4 3/8 “ x 4 3/8”x 1” tray

Also available in round.


Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Veg-tan leather is as old as civilization and still has no rival. The skins are tanned with all plant-based materials, and they take no pigment or surface paint to cover mars and blemishes. Only A-grade hides get to become veg-tan.


Products made with natural non-dyed vegetable-tanned hides age gracefully and develop a patina - turning from a light tan to a beautiful caramel color with sunlight’s UV rays and oils from hands and general use.