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Large Tumbler

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A Timeless Classic - In the Kitchen or Outdoors

Handmade in Mexico, this matte wine red anodized aluminum large tumbler is at home in the kitchen or outdoors, and provides a nice punch of color on the tabletop. We find these tumblers so satisfying in hand and lip feel. Also, the sound of an iced drink clinking in these tumblers eternally pleasing.

It reminds us at Placewares of meals at Kevin's grandparents' farm. The grandkids were always served their drinks in these tumblers. And, they went with us outside as well so with nineteen grandchildren they developed a lovely patina over the years.

Handmade in Mexico. 

Material: Anodized aluminum

Size: 4.9 in. high x 3.8 in. diameter (9.7 x 12.5 cm.)

Care: Handwash only. Do not use alkaline detergents. Not suitable for microwaves.