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German Half-Linen Kitchen Towel

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Half-Linen, with Twisted Warp Yarn

Found in domestic and professional kitchens. 

Our traditional light blue/blue checkered pattern linen kitchen towel is at home today in domestic and professional kitchens. This rugged towel's original role was as a bathing towel for coal miners. A miner would deposit its dirty clothes in its "dirty" locker, shower with our towel and then hang it on the opposite side of the shower in its "clean" locker.  

For this historic role, our towel had to be strong and durable. Made with a strong half linen woven with twisted warp yarn in a twill weave, it works great as both a kitchen and hand towel.

Size: 19.7 x 39.4 in/50 x 100 cm

Material: 50% linen, 50% cotton.

Care: Wash hot, dryer-suitable.

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