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Mapping The Sea Ranch by Phil Graf

The Sea Ranch Association


Members of the Sea Ranch community map their memories of a unique place that has seduced them and changed their lives.

Mapping the Sea Ranch began as one man's obsession for maps and the love of his community - The Sea Ranch and its wonderous natural environment. This intentional community on the Northern California Coast was envisioned in the mid-1960s from the desire to live lightly on the land. 50 years later, it is ground zero for a community of residents sharing the land they steward and love - a ten mile stretch of Highway 1 between Jenner and Mendocino, the town of Gualala at its northern tip. 

Phil Graf conceived the idea to have residents and visitors "map their memories" of this magical place onto handcrafted maps. The maps collected here share real-life stories of enchantment with the beauty of this area and the riches that come with community. 


by Phil Graf


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