Moore Ruble Yudell

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First edition, 1993. This monograph presents the work of the internationally acclaimed, California-based firm Moore Ruble Yudell, whose unique expertize in community involvement and participatory design has profoundly influenced the course of contemporary architecture, particularly in the areas of housing and community projects. The 34 projects featured here include the award winning projects for Rodes House (Los Angeles), Tegel Harbor Housing and the Humboldt Library (Berlin) and St Matthew's Church (California); a great variety of work which reflects the architects' sensitivity to the historical, architectural and natural features of the places where they build and their concern with balancing this sense of place with the aims and requests of their clients. James Steele presents separate interviews with Charles Moore, John Ruble and Robert Yudell. Essays by Charles Moore and Robert Yudell outline their philosophies and enhance our understanding of their work.

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