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Navy & Blue Bin

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“Today, High-Liner Rope is used by the majority of lobstermen from Canada to Florida.” -- The Rope Co.

We fell in love with The Rope Co. a couple of years ago, and when we had the chance to meet owners Mat and Amanda, we knew why. Mat and Amanda are good people hand-making a product that mirrors their character.

These handy bins are multi-purpose, providing you a good looking, organized home for winter's wood to summer's mudroom shoes to the past month's magazines and newspapers to your little one's toys.

Just like a true Maine lobsterman, Rope Co. products are tough and durable enough to last through even the toughest Maine winters. Whether just a squall or a full blown nor’easter, Rope Co. products are so heavy duty that we back up each and every product with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Hand woven in Maine
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Approximately 15″ wide by 16″ tall
  • Great for laundry or blanket storage
  • Mold & mildew resistant
  • Includes Maine made wood bottom insert
  • Wooden bottoms are not needed for bins that are mostly stationary and wood may may mold or mildew when wet and are not covered in lifetime warranty

Material: 100% marine grade lobster rope

Size: One Size – 15" x 16"

Care: Shake out or hose down if needed, use power wash, sea, bleach or scrub brush

Rope products that are exposed to the sun consistently can fade. Please note that The Rope Co. adds as much UV protection as we can into our rope and we choose to avoid the use of harmful, sun-fading-proof chemicals.  This wear and tear adds an authentic look to the rope and we select colors that fade beautifully to ensure longevity in the charming appearance of your new rope product. The amount of direct sunlight over many years will determine how much color fading occurs and as such, color fading is not included in the warranty.


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