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Orange Blossom Honey

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Becker Family Farms uses honeybees to supplement the natural bumblebees.  Truth be told, bumble bees are harder workers on the farm.  The problem is that most bumblebee colonies only have a few hundred individuals in them. What the honeybee lacks in ability it makes up for in numbers.  We get to benefit from the hard work.

Becker Family Farms' Orange Blossom Honey is strained only and not filtered to remove natural pollens nor pasteurized.  Many people believe this may help to lessen reactions to local allergens.

Honey is a very special and unique product.  It is natures, natural sweetener.  It contains natural substances made by the bee that can help to fight infections, sooth a sore throat and replace sugar in your favorite recipe. Bees are a requirement on a veggie farm.  They are the hardest workers who spend their day pollinating the plants.  Without them, Watermelon, Honeydew, Muskmelon and many other crops on the farm would not produce fruit. 

One final note: Never feed honey to an infant under the age of 1.  Honey may, rarely,  naturally contain small amounts of botulism toxin.  This is usually harmless to an adult or older child, but since infants lack a fully developed immune system and their digestive systems are still adapting to food, they MAY be at more of a risk. 

Size: 12 oz

Ingredients: 100% natural unfiltered U.S. Fancy Grade

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